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Our activities

Written By Polski Ruch Czystszej Produkcji on czwartek, 26 lutego 2015 | 04:51

Our main activites cover, among the others:
  • developing and promoting so called Environmental Voluntary Agreements scheme, which awards companies which provide environmentally and socialy responsible activities (for more info see post "Polish CP Environmental Voluntary Agreements scheme - CP EVA"
  • promotion of CP/SCP/CSR by our media:
    • magazine "Cleaner Production and Eco-management" (available in Polish)
    • this website
    • website of the Polish Register of Cleaner Production and Responsible Entrepreneurship (; available in Polish)
    • e-newsletter (in Polish)
    • social media (in Polish)
  • Traings, including:
    • Academy of Sustainable Production (previously called Cleaner Production Schools) - a half-year courses addressed mailnly to companies, which includes
      • lecturing on environmental strategies and policies, including EMS,
      • design work and implementation of a CP case/demo project,
      • building a Policy Framework and the Cleaner Production Environmental Management System (CP EMS).
    • ohter environmental and social trainings, seminars etc.
  • Conferences and other events
  • Co-ordination of signing the UNEP International Declaration on Cleaner Production in Poland
  • Actions and initiatives, e.g.:
    • CP-Info - moderated mailing information exchange within the Polish CP Programme's members and co-operatora
    • CP-Constant Help - on-line advice programme for our supporting members
    • By CP to Work - gathering and publishing list of work offers in enviromnetal protecion/management and CSR
  • Environmental consultancy, audits etc.

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