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Our activities

Written By Polski Ruch Czystszej Produkcji on czwartek, 26 lutego 2015 | 04:51

Last update: February 2024
Our main activites cover, among the others:
  • developing and promoting so called Cleaner Production Environmental Voluntary Agreements scheme (CP EVA), which awards companies providing environmentally and socialy responsible activities (for more info see post "Polish CP Environmental Voluntary Agreements scheme - CP EVA")
  • promotion of CP/SCP/CSR by our media:
    • magazine "Cleaner Production and Eco-management" (available in Polish)
    • this website
    • website of the Polish Register of Cleaner Production and Responsible Entrepreneurship (; available in Polish)
    • e-newsletter (in Polish)
    • social media and YouTube (in Polish)
  • Traings, including:
    • Cleaner Production Academy (previously called Cleaner Production Schools) - courses addressed mailnly to companies, which includes
      • lecturing on environmental strategies and policies, including Environemntal Managment System (EMS),
      • design work and implementation of a CP case/demo projects,
      • building a Policy Framework and the Cleaner Production Environmental Management System (CP EMS).
    • ohter environmental trainings, seminars etc.
  • Conferences and other events
  • Co-ordination of signing the UNEP International Declaration on Cleaner Production in Poland
  • Environmental consultancy, audits etc.

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