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Polish CP Environmental Voluntary Agreements scheme (CP EVA)

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Last update: February 2024
The CP EVA scheme has been started in 1996. After the first 6 years of training and case/demo implementations (1990-1995), the Polish CP Programme established a procedure enabling Polish companies to voluntarily participate in the scheme. It have been initiated by introduction of "Cleaner Producion Certificate" - an award for Polish companies and other institutions which:
  • have completed Cleaner Production School (currently named Cleaner Production Academy) - a course addressed mailnly to companies, which includes:
    • lecturing on environmental strategies and policies, including Environemtnal Management System (EMS),
    • design work and implementation of a CP case/demo projects,
    • building a Policy Framework and the Cleaner Production Environmental Management System (CP EMS).
  • implemented CP strategy (with at least one implementation/improvement compliant with CP principles)
  • showed its environmental achievements and future CP plans in their Environmental Report.
Nowadays the scheme consists of two levels of participation:
  • The Polish Register of Cleaner Production Certificates (since 1996), for companies showing their environmental responsibility and undertaking evnironmental obligations with periodic environmental reporting; the register and verification of candidates is managed by our Association.
  • Polish Register of Cleaner Production and Responsible Entrepreneurship (since 2002), for companies undertaking both environmental and social activities. Holders of the CP Certificate can apply for this register after completion of a special verification procedure including periodic sustainability reporting. The candidate for the Register also makes a statement to comply with the UN Global Compact principles. The Register is functioning udner patronate of Polish Minister of Development and Technology, Chief Inspector for Environmental Protection and President of our Association. The Chairman of the Register's High-level Jury is Polish Vice-Minister of Climate and the Environment.
The certificates are issued in Polish, but Laureates can be given also their official English version - see figures below.

Cleaner Production Certificate:
Diploma of Acknowledgement for Implementation of Cleaner Production as a strategy of Environmental Management System - held to a registered organisation once, after first registration:

Yearly held certificate of registeration:


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