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Good practices in CP: 15. Construction of a photovoltaic system (BWiK WOD-KAN)

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Good practices and investments related to Cleaner Production 

Example No. 15
Construction of a photovoltaic system

BWiK WOD-KAN Sp. z o.o. in Biała Podlaska

Industry branch: wastewater treatment and waste management

Resources in question:

  • Electrical energy
Pollution, waste in question:
  • Emissions into the atmosphere
Cost (implementation of good practice): High
(approximately PLN 585,000

Description of the problem:
The Water Treatment Plant operated by the Company at ul. Narutowicza (WTP) has since 2007 been heated with eight heat pumps, which for their work use the heat of water taken from a Jurassic well. For their operation, the pump compressors require electricity, which so far has been purchased from a power plant. It was also decided that the electricity for the operation of environmentally friendly heat pumps should be acquired in the most ecological way possible, i.e. with the help of our own  photovoltaic system.
Applied solution:

Under the project entitled "The use of renewable energy sources in the company Bialskie Wodociągi i Kanalizacja" WOD-KAN "a solar power plant was constructed: a photovoltaic system with an installed power of 108.54 kW and a connection power of 100 kW, consisting of 402 polycrystalline photovoltaic panels of the power of 270 Wp each. They were installed on the roof of a warehouse and administrative building. The transformer station was also modernized accordingly. The investment received funding under the Regional Operational Program for the Lublin Province for 2014-2020.
Obtained benefits and effects of the implementation:
  • reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 33.22 tons of CO2 equivalent / year
  • diversification of energy supplies, increasing the company's energy security
  • production of electrical energy from newly built systems using renewable energy sources: 100 MWhe / year
  • number of newly created jobs: 1
The implementation of the task is part of the ecological activities pursued by the Company under the idea of EKOCITY Biała Podlaska (ecological city) and the sustainable development strategy implemented under the Cleaner Production Program.

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