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Good practices in CP: 65. Collecting suggestions for improvement from employees - ''Good Ideas Box'' (Pureko Sp. z o.o.)

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"Good Ideas Box"
photo by Pureko Sp. z o.o.


Good practices and investments related to Cleaner Production

Example No. 65
Collecting suggestions for improvement from employees - “Good Ideas Box”

Pureko Sp. z o.o., Myszków

Industry branch: plastics
Main products: flexible polyurethane foams, nonwoven fluffy fabrics, upholstery and technical felts

Resources in question:

  • Any resources related to the company's operations
Pollution, waste in question:
  • Any impact related to the company's operations
    Cost (implementation of good practice): None
    (cost-free measure)

    Description of the problem:
    In virtually every company, employees who directly supervise or run certain manufacturing or service processes may notice a number of oversights, as well as potential improvements – solutions the implementation of which would help improve the ways in which the company does business, including, among other things, reducing the company's environmental impact. However, such ideas are not collected in every company, and not everywhere employees have the opportunity to submit their suggestions.

    Applied solution:
    Firstly, the company has taken steps in terms of trainings to increase employee awareness of the environmental aspects present in the company (periodic, job-related trainings). Every employee should know how the company interacts with the environment, especially how the environment is affected by the processes in which the employee is involved and how the magnitudes of these impacts depend on the employee's behavior.
    Secondly, an employee should be allowed to submit ideas in a simple way, if he or she knows how this impact can be reduced (not only environmental ideas can be submitted this way, but also other ideas for improving production, safety, comfort at work, etc.). The “Good Ideas Box” where employees can place their suggestions has been installed at Pureko. The Board of Directors also adopted financial bonuses for ideas that will be implemented and will produce the expected economic, environmental, social effects (additional motivation for employees). The box is located at the entrance to the checkroom and cafeteria, in a place that is easily accessible to employees, who have been informed how to make suggestions.
    In the case of Pureko, the above-mentioned box currently functions on the basis of submitting ideas on sheets of paper, but similar solutions also function in an electronic form in many companies (suggestions can be submitted electronically, for example, to designated mailboxes). The introduction of a similar solution is therefore another potential improvement being considered as a measure to be taken in the future.

    Obtained benefits and effects of the implementation: 

    During the first year of the Good Ideas Box in Pureko:
    • Five environmental ideas were submitted, of which the following have already been implemented:
      • installing a quick-closing door between the heated hall and the unheated hall. Estimated savings on energy consumption – about PLN 5,000/year 
      • multiple use of foil packaging. Estimated savings of 2,000 kg of foil – about PLN 15,000/year. Additional savings come from the reduction of plastic waste
      • a new system for maintaining humidity on the production floor of the nonwoven fabric department. By using different types of sprinkler nozzles, water consumption was reduced by 50%. Estimated reduction: by about 1,100 m3/year (savings: about PLN 4,500/year)
    • There were also 3 non-environmental ideas submitted, of which 1 has been implemented – and is saving the company 4,500 PLN/year
    • By implementing the ideas submitted so far, the company will achieve savings with an estimated annual value of around PLN 30,000

    • Report on the Cleaner Production Project No. 49.798, developed within the framework of the Cleaner Production Academy at Pureko Sp. z o.o.: “Utilization of the waste from the production of nonwoven fluffy fabric as a full-value input material”
    • Materials (including photos) submitted by Pureko

    Polish version:

    This material has been subsidized by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The Polish Cleaner Production Movement Association is solely responsible for its content.


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