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Good practices in CP: 73. Reducing plastic waste generation (Amar Cendrowscy s.c.)

Written By Polski Ruch Czystszej Produkcji on czwartek, 27 października 2022 | 11:20

photo by Amar Cendrowscy s.c


Good practices and investments related to Cleaner Production

Example No. 73
Reducing plastic waste generation

Amar Cendrowscy s.c., Kruklanki

Industry branch: manufacturing of wire products
Main products: steel screens

Resources in question:

  • Materials
  • Secondary raw materials
  • Water
Pollution, waste in question:
  • Waste
Cost (implementation of good practice): Medium
(investment costs: about PLN 11,320; costs of increased tap water consumption: about PLN 325/year)

Description of the problem:
The company's operations generated a large amount of plastic waste. The problem was primarily related to: disposable beverage bottles delivered to employees, the fillers (i.e., bags filled with air to protect products during transport) received with shipments, and the large amounts of stretch film used to secure products for transportation (in the latter case, waste was generated at the recipients).

Applied solution:
The issue of reducing the use of stretch film in shipments required discussing the problem with customers, and mainly concerned other options for securing shipments, or at least reducing the use of the stretch film (in the context of customers' requirements), which was largely successful – in agreement with customers, less stretch film is now used for packaging.
The handling of fillers received in shipments has also been changed. Instead of throwing them away, once the shipment was received and unpacked, the company started to collect the fillers in a separate container in the packing room for reuse in future shipments.
Water diffusers connected to the municipal network were also purchased and put into operation throughout the company, in the company's cafeteria and production halls. This eliminated beverages in bottles and plastic containers throughout the company. Instead of leasing, it was decided to purchase diffusers to emphasize that the change was made permanent and not just temporary. In addition, employees were provided with reusable bottles.

Obtained benefits and effects of the implementation: 

  • Elimination of plastic bottles at a rate of about 7,000 bottles/year (i.e., about 583 bottles/month)
  • Reduction of stretch film consumption by about 312 kg – i.e., about 156 rolls – per year (monthly average: 26 kg, which is about 13 rolls)
  • Total savings: about PLN 14,000/year, obtained thanks to:
    • liquidation of bottled beverages: more than PLN 12,700 (data as of 2020),
    • liquidation of an additional waste container, emptied twice a month: about PLN 1,000,
    • reduction of the consumption of stretch film: about PLN 200,
  • Payback period: approximately 8 months

Container for collecting fillers for reuse
photo by: Amar Centrowscy s.c.


Diffusers with tap water for drinking
photo by: Amar Centrowscy s.c.


  • Report on the Cleaner Production Project No. 48.766, developed within the framework of the Cleaner Production Academy at AMAR Cendrowscy s.c.: "Reducing plastic waste generation"

Polish version:

This material has been subsidized by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The Polish Cleaner Production Movement Association is solely responsible for its content.


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