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Good practices in CP: 72. Boomerang Bags initiative in the enterprise (FOGO Sp. z o.o.)

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photo by FOGO Sp. z o.o.


Good practices and investments related to Cleaner Production

Example No. 72
Boomerang Bags initiative in the enterprise

FOGO Sp. z o.o., Wilkowice

Industry branch: electromechanical
Main products: electric power generators

Resources in question:

  • Materials
Pollution, waste in question:
  • Waste
Cost (implementation of good practice): None
(cost-free measure)

Description of the problem:

The Boomerang Bags initiative is a movement created in Australia in 2013. Its main idea is to reduce the amount of plastic bags in circulation by setting up reusable bag exchange points at retail outlets.

The idea was brought to FOGO's attention by observing the behavior of employees, who sometimes, when going on unplanned shopping, did not have reusable bags with them, which resulted in the use of disposable bags taken from stores, which of course quickly became waste. To reduce this problem and to educate employees about the environment, it was decided to allow the staff to easily use the reusable bags provided to them.

Applied solution:
The solution was implemented at FOGO by hanging a rack of used reusable bags on a selected wall (the office part of the company's facility) for use by anyone in need (see photo). In addition, the hanger comes with a brief information about the idea of Boomerang Bags. How does it work? For example: an employee who didn't plan his/her shopping in advance and didn't take a reusable bag from home can take a boomerang bag from the rack and use it for shopping in the store instead of buying a disposable or new reusable one. The next day he/she hangs the bag back on the rack.
The bag rack was made in-house, mostly from recycled materials: wood (damaged pallet), hangers (cans).

Obtained benefits and effects of the implementation:

  • The good practice of providing Boomerang Bags is primarily educational – it draws attention to the use of items (packaging) many times.
  • Ecological aspect: the practice influences resource preservation and reduces waste generation, and indirectly also reduces energy consumption and air emissions, among other things.

  • Report on the Cleaner Production Project No. 48.768, developed within the framework of the Cleaner Production Academy: “Modernization of technology and management in FOGO within the framework of implementation of the Cleaner Production Program”

Polish version:

This material has been subsidized by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The Polish Cleaner Production Movement Association is solely responsible for its content.


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