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Good practices in CP: 71. Replacing paper with recycled paper for some of the printouts (FOGO Sp. z o.o.)

Written By Polski Ruch Czystszej Produkcji on czwartek, 27 października 2022 | 11:10

Review photo, photo by: The Polish Cleaner Production Movement Association


Good practices and investments related to Cleaner Production

Example No. 71
Replacing paper with recycled paper for some of the printouts

FOGO Sp. z o.o., Wilkowice

Industry branch: electromechanical
Main products: electric power generators

Resources in question:

  • Materials
  • Secondary raw materials
Pollution, waste in question:
  • Waste
Cost (implementation of good practice): None
(cost-free measure; prices of purchased recycled paper and white paper are similar)

Description of the problem:

Fogo consumes about 660 reams of A4-size white paper per year. Much of the paper is consumed for internal document circulation including the marking/labeling of semi-finished products in the production process to facilitate internal logistics at the plant. Out of concern for the environment, it was found that for some of the printouts, it was possible, without harming the company's processes, to change the previously used top-quality white paper to unbleached, recycled paper.

Applied solution:
The decision was made to use for some of the printing the paper that is unbleached and entirely made from waste paper and cardboard (while for some applications the printing must still be of high quality, on bleached paper, such as for photographs/technical drawings).

Obtained benefits and effects of the implementation:

  • Since the paper proposed for use is unbleached, it can be assumed that its production places less of a burden on the environment. In addition, the production of such paper positively stimulates the market for waste paper management – the aforementioned paper is 100% recycled.
  • About 50% of the paper purchased today is recycled (according to 2021 data)

  • Report on the Cleaner Production Project No. 48.768, developed within the framework of the Cleaner Production Academy: “Modernization of technology and management in FOGO within the framework of implementation of the Cleaner Production Program”
  • Materials (including photos) submitted by FOGO Sp. z o.o.

Polish version:

This material has been subsidized by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The Polish Cleaner Production Movement Association is solely responsible for its content.


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