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Good practices in CP: 57. Electronic Quality Book as a tool to reduce the consumption of office supplies and media (Silk Road Certification)

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Application login screen

Good practices and investments related to Cleaner Production

Example No. 57
Electronic Quality Book as a tool to reduce the consumption of office supplies and media

Company:Silk Road Certification Sp. z o.o.

Industry branch: environmental protection, consulting
Main services: services in the scope of environmental protection, certification, implementation of management systems including circular economy-based systems

Resources in question:

  • Materials
Pollution, waste in question:
  • Waste
Cost (implementation of good practice): Medium
(PLN 50,000 – the cost of creating the application)

Description of the problem:
As a typical office company, Silk Road Certification is characterized by high consumption of paper, therefore an analysis was made of ways to reduce it.
Applied solution:
The company has developed a browser-accessible application to maintain management systems documentation in the form of an electronic Quality Book. The application has been implemented and tested at the company, which has made it possible to determine the effects of its use. It is now also being offered for implementation to customers.
The application allows access to system documentation on an ongoing basis, at any time, to employees at any level. It streamlines document circulation, as all employees are given the ability to view, print procedures and instructions, as well as other system documents. For the duration of the audit, limited access can be granted to the auditor consisting of viewing documents, which speeds up and facilitates the external audit (it makes it easy to conduct the audit remotely).
Currently, the company stores all system documents electronically in the above-mentioned application, which does not require printing them. All document changes are made electronically, and up-to-date documentation is always available online. These are real savings for both the company and its customers in terms of paper, energy, and toner.
As a complementary measure, the company has also implemented minor ordering measures, such as the widespread use of double-sided printing, sending electronic versions of documentation whenever possible, and limiting the printing of e-mails (including adding a note in e-mail footers to encourage people not to print e-mails unless needed).

Obtained benefits and effects of the implementation: 

  • Estimated reductions in annual consumption at the described company:
    • paper: by about 62.5% (i.e., by about 30 reams/year)
    • toner: by 50% (i.e., by 7 pcs/year)
    • electricity (including effects of minor ordering measures, such as turning off office equipment outside of working hours): approx. 16.5%
  • Savings/profits resulting directly from the reduction of paper and toner are about PLN 560/year (revenue from the sale of the application is not included)
  • Reduction of paper, electricity and toner consumption and associated costs for application users


An example of the application screen

 An example of the application screen

  • Report on the Cleaner Production Project No. 49.794, developed within the framework of the Cleaner Production Academy at Silk Road Certification Sp. z o.o.: “Electronic Quality Book as a tool to reduce the use of office supplies and media”


Polish version:

This material has been subsidized by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The Polish Cleaner Production Movement Association is solely responsible for its content.


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